IFCT  ( India Fashion City Tour )  Franchise is a UNIQUE business opportunity where you’ll become the representative of a specific fashion event business in your territory. For instance, you’ll be granted the rights to develop the business vertical under the brand name of  INDIA Fashion city tour . You’ll be in CONTROL of the fashion event activities in your territory.

You’ll be authorized  for qualifying designers, models, sponsors, partners and  associates to organize prestigious fashion week  in that area and providing training and additional ongoing support.


  • Very glamorous fashion Week
  • Association with World’s leading Fashion Brand – IFW GOA
  • More than 10 years of existence
  • Minimum investment
  • ROI from 1 or 2 fashion show
  • Great Business Opportunity with GREATER Returns
  • Management & business support by experienced professional Team
  • Develop a huge fruitful circle of a business network
  • Become a leader in fashion and lifestyle in your city cream society
  • Get to be the next VIP jet setter
  • Be on the VIP list of every Invitee List of your City Events
  • Become the respected player in your territory’s fashion industry
  • Be seen and surrounded with the who’s who of your Territory
  • Create the platform for Fashion Entrepreneurship, Film & Fashion Career, Image makeover, Brand promotion & wide range of networking activities for  every kind  of  business opportunities.